2nd Session with Huddersfield Mistress V

  • July 3, 2022

Knock on mistress door with coffee in hand. the door opened and the queen of Huddersfield, stood there looking like sun kissed goddess with a golden tan. had are friendly catch-up and give her mistress she presents new rubber sounds. Enema bag .then mistress stood up good she leads to my outfit for the session so got the dressed in PVC maid dress black stockings and blonde wig and my pink heels order to knee In front of sexy dressed mistress how was dress in her blue nurse uniform order me to worship her feet the clean her shoes with my tongue and suck the heels down to the shaft. Then instructed to open my mouth and the mistress flicked her cig ash into my mouth and made to swallow it then had to walk around the dungeon and curtsey in front of the mistress if screw-up will get punished. well, I fell over so punishment came next strap to bench my dresses pulled up of my arse and cane and paddle, strap and weights attached to balls with heavy weights in bucks then mistress whipped my bum till glowing red then slipped her fingers up my cherry hole and give me good check up.
Next came the medical bench hooded and gagged and cuffed bench dress lifted to access to my cock and balls mistress v slip front of the dress open to get access to my nipples she slips four needles each of nipples then time 4 cock time mistress tests her new rubber sounds in my shaft up and down as zapping my balls with tens machine (mistress v film it and it’s only fans account )
Next came vac bed got undressed and slid into the vac bed mistress slip my cock out hole and sucked the air out like a stake in a supermarket mistress punishment my cock and dug her talons nails into my cock as lay trapped in the vac bed. Once released give golden nectar to rehydrate my dry ash mouth.
Thank you mistress V see you next month

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