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Toilet Training with Mistress V – a Testimonial

  • July 4, 2022

I arrived for my very first session with the gorgeous and intelligent Mistress V. I was nervous but after we sat for a little while and I admitted I wanted to be trained as a toilet, but also admitted that I love being humiliated by wearing nappies. As soon as I revealed this information I was told to get changed in the bathroom and immediately wear a diaper/nappy I had brought with me.
I was put into tight rope bondage (tight bondage I love) and forced to worship her beautiful arse, my tongue enjoying the amazing taste. Then she had me lie down where she preceded to tower over me before releasing a torrent of her gorgeous golden nectar into my wide open mouth. I couldn’t keep up but swallowed all that I possibly could. Next she put on her black gloves and proceeded to shit near me, which rolled into a ball and shoved into my mouth before instructing me to chew and swallow. She then shoved the rest of her wonderful poo into the back of my nappy which she started to rub, to make as much of mess in there as possible. I was in heaven. Next she undid my nappy and pissed all over it, including my cock, before fastening it back up.
I was asked to worship her gorgeous arsehole, licking it clean, and sucking her wonderful gloves she’d been wearing before she informed me she was sending me home frustrated, in a used nappy, and I wasn’t allowed to wash out my mouth. And then, as an added task, she informed me she wanted a video of me taking off the nappy and shoving it into my face. Very cruel but I loved every second.
The best domme I’ve ever sessioned with. Thank you.

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