A pleasure packed session

  • March 28, 2021

When you session with Mistress V, she wastes no time at all during the session. Mistress is brilliant at moving through different aspects of the session without losing time in between, ensuring that the whole session is packed with pleasure from start to finish.

I was the guinea pig for Mistress V’s new toy: an open mouth gag. With my mouth held open, Mistress spat into my mouth many times, which I absolutely loved. During this time, I was kept tied to the St Andrews Cross and subjected to CBT with clamps and floggers as well as nipple torture with clamps and Mistress V’s teeth! Yes, Mistress V bites hard!

The gag was then removed and I was made to lay on the floor. Mistress V peed into my mouth through a funnel so none was wasted.

I was then made to kneel on all fours and Mistress V’s fucking machine was used on me, pounding away at my arse while Mistress scratched my back with her sharp heels. Bliss!

Wasting no time, I was then put into the sling and Mistress fucked me with her strapon. Being able to see her face while she fucked me, occasionally spitting into my mouth, was a magnificent experience.

I was then locked into Mistress V’s stand-up cage and my nipples, cock and balls were tortured with clamps and lighted cigarettes.

After the cage, I was firmly strapped onto the CP bench and expertly taken into subspace with impact play starting with gentle floggers, then straps, crops and finally the cane.

Last but not least I was treated to a hands free happy ending using the e-stim. If you haven’t been brought to a climax with electrics, you are missing a fantastic experience.

If you want to experience the perfect, pleasure packed session, you must pay a visit to the whirlwind that is Mistress V. Incredible!

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