A Fantastic 4 Hour Session

  • November 2, 2018

My new sub arrived at my dungeon at the agreed time, very nervous!! I assured him that I’d take my time with him as it was his first time to visit Me.

“Get yourself undressed fully naked! Once you’re naked, get yourself into my play room.”

I enter the playroom; my sub is on his knees, head bowed

“On your feet boy!!”

I blindfolded him. I then got my rope and securely bound him.

“I’m going to break you today!! 4 hours of power exchange to do as I please!!”

Giving him some poppers, I saw he was now relaxing and getting into the zone.

I started with his nipples, lightly squeezing them. “He’s enjoying this so I must be a little harder!” I thought, increasing the pressure on each nipple a little at a time. I attached my weighted nipple clamps.


“More poppers boy!! Crocodile clips next bitch!”

He jolted as I attached the clips to his balls! Slap! Straight across his cheek!

“Keep still, I’ve only just started!”

Keeping the clips on his balls, I removed the nipple clamps and attached the crocodile clips onto his nipples.

“Tender are they? Haha!!”

Untying him, I took him over to the bench.

“Get onto it! Arse in the air he did as he was told.

“I’ve seven new canes, all of which you will be trying today!”

“Yes Mistress.”

My favourite! 10 strokes in and he’s nearly in subspace. I moved onto my whippy stingy cane.

“Count the strokes, pain Slut!”

After 150 strokes I decided he’d had enough of the cane.

“Get yourself of the bench!! You’re going onto the cross.

Bull whipping his arse, I watched the welts rising on his skin.

It turns me on to see a Slave suffering for me.

“You must be thirsty.”

“Yes Mistress, my mouth’s dry”

Glass in hand, I peed straight into it.

“Drink up”

Once he’d drunk the pee, I take him down off the cross

“Lie down on your back!! Time for a walk”

I stood on his back in my stilettoe heels, digging them deep into his skin.

Ball busting next!! Change of shoes for this – my spikey
sharp boots.

“Up on your feet, legs spread wid!! I’m really going to enjoy this!”

After 5 or 6 kicks he was on his knees! What a whimp!

“I will break you remember that boy!!”

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