• October 21, 2018

I arrived at Mistress V’s new premises to be met at the door by Mistress looking fabulous and ready for action.

After quickly appraising Mistress with a brief description of my likes, dislikes and specific hard limits I was very quickly naked and being strapped to the whipping bench. Mistress then proceeded to give me a very thorough warm up of increasing intensity. Soon Mistress’s favourite straps and tawses were being put to good use and I found myself slipping quite deeply into subspace. Mistress continued in this way, changing between implements and slightly varying the intensity, but keeping up a good pace, so that I could continue to enjoy my subspace for some time.

Eventually Mistress moved on to administer 100 strokes of the cane. I found this very challenging, especially towards the end as my backside became very tender and sore. However I was determined to take as many cane strokes as she wished to deliver.

This part of the session was the longest and most intense period of impact play that I had ever experienced. However whilst Mistress certainly stretched my limits, she was encouraging throughout and never pushed excessively hard.

Mistress then led me through to her medical room. On arrival I had voiced a strong desire to try needle play, but had qualified this by suggesting that it might be something to do after a few sessions together (Get out clause for wimps). However Mistress seemed to be of the opinion that there was no point in putting off to tomorrow what we could do today. I was very nervous, but Mistress proceeded at a leisurely pace and talked to me throughout which kept me relatively relaxed. After connecting my cock and balls to her electrical box, my nipples were introduced to the staple gun and several needles. I have always been fond of nipple torture and had a feeling that this sort of play might suit me. The reality was way beyond my expectations. The effect on me was sensational and I can’t wait to experience more! Hot wax was then dripped on my cock and balls. This was a relatively soothing sensation, and gave me time to recover somewhat from the intensity of the needle play.

Mistress V is a very skilled and intuitive practitioner of BDSM. I am sure that she would lead any submissive/masochist, beginner or experienced, on a journey that would exceed their expectations.

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