A fantastic impact play session

  • July 31, 2022
I love corporal punishment and impact play so when my bitch texted me asking for a session she was soon in my playroom naked and over my bench .

Starting with a light to medium hand spanking increasing it to very hard until her cheeks were a bright pink , moving onto a short strap tap tap tapping its bottom stopping every now and then to give its cheeks a rub before moving onto the flogger I attach some very sharp serrated nipple clamps to its balls , it yelps laughing I begin to flog its backside I know my bitch loves the flogger with a mixture of the bull whip , loving the shade it’s backside turning into I decide it’s time to give it its stripes I love the cane and the results I get is s fantastic feeling , after 30 I unstrap it from the bench and order it into the medical room , (Needleplay) another of my favourites . 
My bitches pain threshold it quite high and it also loves needles . ordering it to lie down I then insert 2 needles in each nipple before moving down to its balls , then I attach the estim , playing and twisting the needles in the nipples I turn the estim to thrust starting off very low gradually increasing  the level , it’s in her glory as I twist and pull and it’s not long before she’s saying she’s going to explode and my did she , she was ordered to lick up the mess from the floor before I would take the rest of the needles out , Fantastic session once again

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