A Session with pantiegirdle

  • September 27, 2020

My new client had contacted me through twitter , we agreed the time and date , telling him to contact me once he’d parked he’s car on the due date .
Arriving all geared up for his punishment.
Get upstairs and get your self prepared slave.
He’s called pantiegirdle on twitter , i soon realised why when he came from the bathroom

Stood in pantie-girdle and bra .
I love your underwear set slave .
Cuffing him to my frame i begin to slap his face light taps at first , enough to warm my hands before the first hard crack !
Compose yourself girdle . Crack ! slap slap
I then begin to cane his nipples , as it was mentioned earlier in our chat .
Taking him down from the frame we move to the bench .
I’d placed all the implements on the bench , slave girdle had to take them off to lie over it . Id done this on purpose , so he could see what he was going to get .
Once he was strapped down tightly , i begin .
Caning him with his girdle on at first for the warm up .
I’ll be removing theses panties very soon slave .
Pulling the panties down below his arse cheeks he’d already got some lovely welts .
Using two of my favourite dragon canes and my riding crop i begin the punishment .
my slave had told me previously that he didn’t want to count each stroke , but to cane him until i’d had enough
I’m guessing he took around a 100 strokes in total.
He wanted marking , stripes that last for weeks , He certainly got his wish .
All finished of with water sports , He’d never been in a toilet box before .
I do love giving my slaves and subs first time experiences..

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