Foot Fetish

The most attentive Mistress I’ve ever met

  • February 5, 2021

When I emailed Mistress V about a session I mentioned that I love humiliation and in particular sweaty (smelly) foot worship. I also mentioned CBT, light CP, water sports and that I would like to be initiated into anal play.

We sat and chatted before the session began. Mistress V remembered everything I’d mentioned and our chat allowed us to expand on things and clarify them so we could have a perfect session. Very professional and dedicated to giving me the perfect session, which it was.

We started with foot worship. Mistress V had kindly worn her running trainers with no socks all morning, giving her feet a really lovely strong natural scent. Mistress ordered me to nibble at the hard skin on her feet. Never in my life has a Mistress told me to do that so it was both unique and physically and emotionally delicious. Mistress V was incredibly thoughtful and attentive to my desires.

I was then attached to her inversion table and partially inverted. Clamps were used on my cock and balls. What an amazing sensation, being almost upside down being subjected to CBT while looking up Mistress V’s skirt. Heaven!

I was then secured to the bench and given a light spanking followed by a light whipping while looking at the beautiful Mistress V in the mirror. The intensity of the strokes was absolutely perfect and I was left with a glowing bottom.

I was then told to lay on the medical bench and Mistress V came right up and peed straight into my mouth – ecstasy!

Mistress knew I wasn’t ready for her strapon so she delighted me by using a variety of dildos and a butt plug on me. She instructed me to buy some butt plugs to train myself in readiness for her strapon. Needless to say I ordered them as soon as I got home!

A fabulous session from start to finish by the most attentive, observant and conscientious mistress I’ve ever met.

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