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sissy humiliation – a testimonial

  • January 3, 2023

Mistress V sent the list to bring in before my next session, on the list was plastic adult plastic nappy and a pack of adult diapers and candles .so day came bag was back full of stuff inc my pink sissy dress and underwear, went to the coffee shop got mistress V coffee meet mistress outside. walk to the dungeon and have a friendly catch-up about life. Told strip and put on on nappy and plastic pants then mistress walk around my back cuffing my hands together then stuck 3 long needles into my nipples and rapping me up with tinsel and hanging xmas decks off the needles and lit the lit candles into my mouth and holding them as she whips my back with blue handle whip .after the whipping instructed to but my sissy dress inc underwear still got 6 needles in my nips then on my back mouth open to receive my 1st new year eve drink from V n bend over bench 2 round of whipping and fogging in my dress.
My dress was pulled up plastic pants and nappy pulled down then came banging in the new year with mistress V giving my cherry hole new year seeing to. Then on to the medical bench where lock-in and sounds and tens were used zapping my bits mistress pissed her blue lace panties and shoved them into my mouth then the gaffer taped it shut and told me to suck every drop of fresh piss out then as tuned up tens then mistress said she had Christmas gift mistress took the nappy and filled with fresh new eve wine and told me I got we were it until home and sent mistress a photo just make sure I would get cheat she tape 5 times around my wast make sure it says in place until home .mistress told me to get dressed and then knee to finish off the fresh wine and clean the bottle as well.
Mistress drop me off at the train station but the train was cancelled again walk to the bus station got my bus home still sat in piss nappy under the bus home 3 buses later got home sent mistress V a photo and then told that could remove it.

Thanks, Mistress V
See you soon for more twist fun
Sissy pin cushion

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