Fantastic session with My female sub

  • October 1, 2020
What an awesome 90 minutes i’ve just had with my female sub .

Having sessioned with her on many occasions there was no need for a presession chat .

Naked on her knees awaiting her next instruction . 

 Once i’ve cuffed her 
 to my frame , i blindfold her . 
Teasing her nipples with my sharp finger nails until they are nice and pert before i use the pinwheel on them .
I then attach my bucket nipple clamps with a couple of fish weights inside .
I’m going to fuck you with lots of different strapons , starting with my smallest then work my way up to the larger ones .
She loves me sliding my cocks in and out of her , moaning each time i thrust against her arse cheeks .
While she’s over the bench enjoying my rhythmic motions i clasp my hands over her nose and mouth .
Good bitch , are you squirting for your mistress ? Taking my cock out i slap it a couple of times she’s gushing all over the bench ,after her multiple organisms i concentrate on her tits biting her nipples .
Your a horny bitch aren’t you slut !
They’ll be no more organisms now your going inside the body bag and i’m going to chain you up once  inside it , No escape !
Climbing inside , i zip her in , and put her hood on , more breast torture and breath play , she loves bondage the feeling of being encased tightly . 
Sitting on her face she thanks me .
one last organism slut and i’ll release you ..

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