The journey with Yorkshire Mistress V continues

  • February 15, 2020

My journey with Mistress V continued today – each session takes me further into Her world in an exciting, fun-filled exploration of our psyches. I’m a submissive at the Sensuous Sadism end of her spectrum, so my tale reflects that small part of her undoubtedly wide repertoire. Without doubt, Mistress lives up to her promises on her daily twitter feed, @yorksmistressv. Sensuous, sadistic, teasing, strict, unpredictable, skillful and talented – a real tour de force of BDSM that will leave the senses reeling and every nerve and sinew twitching at Her touch – be it soft, sensual and calming, or hard, sharp and pain-inducing. To surrender totally to Mistress is to open a whole new world of experiences and sensations.

Mistress had me stand with my hands loosely by my side. Looping a long length of soft, black rope around my neck, She proceeded to tie a series of looping knots, which had the effect of totally binding my upper torso including cock and scrotum. Any movement of my arms or body simply tugged and tightened on my genitals (so I obviously wriggled a bit!). Manoeuvering into position against Her St. Andrew’s cross, a quick fastening and I was totally immobile. Mistress then proceeded to tease my nipples before attaching a clamp on each. Blindfolding and ear-muffing me, I was left in darkness with a tightness in my groin and a growing sensation in my nipples as the weight of the clamps slowly dragged them outwards and down, as Mistress went to change.

When the clacking of heels announced Mistress’s re-entry into the room, I didn’t know what to expect. When the blindfold was removed, what I saw was a gorgeous vision of Dominant Womanhood, in a red, latex dress with the zip up the front. My pleasure at the vision was enhanced as she sinuously moved towards me, the tightly clinging dress moving in total synchronicity with her walk. Attaching both nipple clamps to a carabiner hook at the end of a line fixed through a pulley on the roof, Mistress started to pull on the end of the line, causing the clamps to rise towards the ceiling (and my nipples with them). Holding me in that position, Mistress ensured other parts of my anatomy weren’t neglected, by teasing and slapping. Continuing the tugging, Mistress me on tiptoe, before taking pity on me and letting the rope slacken, only to attach the clamps to my cock and scrotum and repeat the tugging procedure.

Mistress left the room for a moment, returning with a lit candle. I guessed (correctly) what was about to happen, and the hot wax was dribbled delicately, first down over my nipples and then my throbbing shaft. To be honest, it wasn’t as hot or painful as I had expected, being more of a stinging sensation than a burn. Allowing it to harden, Mistress then used her sharp, multi-coloured nails to peel it off my skin, creating a top-side cast of my member.

Releasing the bindings, Mistress ordered me to prostrate myself on her bench, where she swiftly and deftly rebound my genitals with a thin white cord, separating my cock from my scrotum in the process. Mistress then proceeded to spank me, increasing tempo and strength as she turned my buttocks from their normal insipid, whitish shade to a lovely pink. Swapping her hand for a soft flogger she continued to strike my backside, alternating hard and soft to no predictable pattern, and allowing herself to swat my genitals every so often – sometimes soft, sometimes hard. By now, I was tingling all over – something the strap being wielded by a teacher at school never achieved! As I seemed to be enjoying it too much (I was), Mistress swapped out the flogger for her Cat o’ Nine Tails. Now this was a much more fearsome looking implement than the flogger, and so it transpired. I lost track of the number of strokes I received, but each felt to be carefully positioned to maximise the spread across the entire area of my buttocks, so as not to leave lasting marks. By now, totally out of it, I commented that I had never really appreciated what pleasure people could derive from being tormented with implements such as canes or whips, but I could now start to appreciate their perspective. Me and my big mouth!! Mistress showed me her leather Sjambok and told me how much she enjoyed using it, both for the pretty pattern it made, but also for the degree of control she had over it. Well, we had to try a few strokes, didn’t we! What a session! Remember what I said at the start about Mistress’s spectrum – well I think I’ve moved along it a bit now!

Taking a short break, I was ordered back into the playroom and over the bench, where Mistress proceeded to strap on a large pink dildo. After extensive lubing and some attempts at penetration, it was obvious I still wasn’t stretched enough to accommodate Mistress. Swapping her strap-on for a large blue dildo, she proceeded to give me the first real fvcking I’ve ever experienced. My previous sessions with Mistress were never as robust, and I was soon groaning, moaning and trembling as she thrust that large object in and out. Promising that the next time I’d be able to accommodate Her fully, I was released from the bench and ordered back into the Medical Room, to lie on the bench.

By now I was trembling all-over, being barely able to control my body as I lay shivering on the couch, waiting for Mistress to reappear. She did so, brandishing her little black case with Sounds and eplay kit. Having been sounded by Mistress in a previous session, I knew the care She took with these 9 inch pieces of steel, and so could relax and enjoy the sensations as the narrow shaft of steel slowly slid down under it’s own weight, until only the last inch was protruding. Massaging me with the rod, Mistress then moved straight on to the thickest example in her kit. Again, we sat chatting and laughing as the rod slid slowly down, Mistress monitoring it’s progress by feeling the bulge as it proceeded, until finally arresting its movement with only one end showing and the other end being somewhere south of my scrotum! Removing the sound, Mistress then connected her flexible sound to the e-play control and started feeding that into the space recently vacated. Turning up the power resulted in a stinging sensation which Mistress skilfully controlled, keeping the sensations on the edge of being bearable – torment, not torture. Withdrawing the sound with the power still on produced a real reaction from me, as the tip was drawn up through my glans – now that really did nip! So much so, that an involuntary reaction saw me brush my hand against Mistress’s leg, completing a circuit and giving Mistress who was still holding the sound a sharp shock too! We laughed as Mistress jumped.

After such a fantastic session, there was only one way to celebrate and Mistress treated me to a Champagne shower, where I was encouraged to drink as much of the fine vintage as I could manage. Unfortunately, I did miss a few drops so will be looking to improve my performance the next time I visit – it’s too precious a commodity to go to waste!

So, thank you Mistress, for another fantastic session. Trusting in You and willingly submitting to You resulted in wonderful new experiences for me; variations on CBT and nipple play, hot wax play, greater intensity and length of spanking and flogging, experiencing your Cat o’ Nine Tails and Sjambok, prolonged sounding and electrifying e-play and a Champagne toast. How I have advanced under Your expert guidance. ‘Become Better, Become Mine’ you say – I couldn’t agree more. Under Your Dominion, I will strive to become even better. Until the next time …

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