A Testimonial

  • November 3, 2020

first time at mistress v superb new premises. very private location. i arrived and after a brief chat was told to strip

mistress fastened my collar and lead and led me on all fours around the well equipped room until we arrived at the

caning bench . then secured me too it.. i had asked to be given a strapping and caning.

first some light straps and floggers, she also flogged my balls then onto the canes..mistress knew i was entering the zone

and stopped for a short while. took out a strapon and fucked me several times..

next out came the large singapore cane..mistress started caning me and upped the intensity which by now i was willing

to except…i thanked mistress for the caning and she released me and led me over to the toilet box.

in i went and received my breakfast gratefully.

i got cleaned up led to the medical bench for nipple torture and electrics. i was allowed to come into a condom while

mistress gave me nipple torture, it was amazing. .i was not expecting mistress too take off the condom put it in my mouth and sqeeze out every drop of cum..

all these events happened but throughout the session she was talking and guiding me skillfully and i always felt relaxed..

it was a great session and i will be back soon..

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