Waxing Lyrical – A Fantastic Day With My Slave

  • February 24, 2020

What a fantastic day I had yesterday with my slave.

I started the session with hot wax play, I don’t mean candle wax, I mean hot melted wax for waxing the body!

“Lie down on the medical bed slave, I’m going to strap you down to the bed and apply hot wax to your chest and genital area 😈😈 I’m then going to rip it off your skin to get rid of those horrid hairs, it’s going to hurt a little lol for you not for me” 😂

Once I’d applied enough wax to the chest I had to wait for it to cool before I could start removing the hairs, even though my slave didn’t scream I could tell it was painful by the curling of his toes, good job you’re securely bound to that bench boy!

When I was satisfied with his smooth chest, I began applying wax to all his pubic area, wincing as the wax as I smeared in

Get ready slave! Rip!! Eyes watering are they? 😂😂 after several applications and lots of oows and ahs I was happy with the finished results.

Thirsty work isn’t it dear. Open your mouth wide! Spitting to the back of his throat, I got up and walked around the bed to the top of his head lowering my latex clad bottom directly on his face, smell the latex!

Standing up I lifted my dress up enough so I could piss straight into his mouth not wasting a drop, impressed with his efforts I decided I was going to give my slave hand relief with a twist! 😈😈😈 applying a dollop of deep heat onto my gloved palm I rubbed it into his balls first, getting warm down there is it, turning to my slave I spit into his mouth once again rubbing his cock harder as it was going redder and redder, struggling to explode 😂😂

Which he eventually does, I laughed passing him a wipe, get that wiped of your very sore cock slave then shower, he was tripping over himself to get to the cold tap. I do love my sessions with my slaves each and every session is different from the last, book a session and find out 😈😈

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