A truly world class Mistress

  • October 17, 2022

As many others have said in their testimonials, Mistress V is a top drawer Domme. She is truly world class, and I say that as someone who has had sessions with Mistresses in several countries.

I asked for humiliation, water sports and impact play. Wow, did I get them!

Firstly I was made to kneel in front of Mistress and she read out 10 questions. Each time I got one wrong – which was most of the time – I received a custard pie in my face or over my head. By the time we’d finished I was covered in custard and feeling quite humiliated! I was allowed to shower before my punishment.

Impact play began with a light flogger, moving on to straps, paddle then when I was in subspace I received 100 hard strokes of the cane for getting the questions wrong.

Mistress then peed into my mouth for what seemed like forever.

Mistress then made me cum by using her shoe, which was incredible.

Simply describing the session as I have done doesn’t adequately describe Mistress V’s skill.  I can say that if you want to session with the best of the best, pay Mistress V a visit.

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