Hard Sports

potty mouth nic

  • October 17, 2022

Iam a very experienced slave , but there was one aspect of BDSM i had not experienced which was hard sports.

I decided to visit MISTRES V to experience this i had read her testimonials and knew that she has an amazing reputation in the BDSM community/

i have now visited her 3 times for hard sports sessions , on my first visit i tasted shit for the first time ever , using her skill and expertise i was able to swallow a little/

The second visit i managed a little more.

The third visit i asked her to if possible if she could have a large load ready for me.

On arriving on my third visit MISTRESS was waiting dressed in latex her BEAUTIFUL LEGS in sheer NYLON , and high heels.
She orderd me to place myself under her PVC clear toilet , throne.
Open your mouth potty mouth she ordered , i eagerly obeyed, she then shit directly in to my mouth, lots of waste , which she ordered me to eat,

Thanks to MISTRES V s training i was able to do this i ate the lot , plus lots of pis and waste which she orderd me to drink from the toilet bowl.

MISTRESS V is a stunning MISTRESS a superb figure and beautiful face , i want to serve her more, and eat more of her waste , it is all i think about/

Mistress V filmed my sess and i am proud to be on her scat book clips site , i urge you all to join this site so many extreme scat clips with real slaves like me.

Iam now a human toilet for MISTRESS V.

I cant wait to visit MISTRESS V again.

potty mouth nic

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