The Letter

  • May 12, 2020

My Naughty boy has arrived, letter in hand from his mummy, come inside boy!
Pass me the letter I want to see what your mother has written
Reading the letter his mother explains why she’s sent her naughty son to my office for his punishment

Looking on the internet at porn and playing with his penis, she then begins to tell me how she would like him to return home with a very sore bottom, also to hurt his small penis, so he won’t want to play with it again.

Once he’d undressed I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight before me!
I have never seen anything like it!
The tiniest penis ever!
How on earth do you manage to play with something you can’t see?
Shrugging his shoulders he doesn’t answer
Over my bench boy! I’ll ensure you this, by the time I’ve finished with you you’ll never look at porn again
Spanking him until his bottom was a lovely pink I move on to my straps, starting with my soft leather one before moving onto the more heavier ones

All the while while I’m inflicting his punishment his protesting his innocence
“If I’d have known what my mummy had put in that letter I would have never come “
Laughing I tell him, “I’m just warming up boy “ you will take your punishment “
Swishing the cane in the air, crashing down onto his now very red bottom 10 of the best should do the trick before I use my new riding crop, I do love the sound as it makes on contact

When he can take no more I unstrap him
Get of the bench, it’s time for you to meet jaws!! My fantastic spiked wooden cbt device

Clamping his balls into the device and screwing it down, he gasps as I tighten it, ouch! It hurts.
It’s meant to hurt, how are you meant to learn if it doesn’t?

Shall I put you over my bench again? “No miss I’ve learned my lesson “
Then my job is done, get dressed, when you get home I want you to show mummy your bottom and if she thinks you’ve not learned your lesson you will have to return, for a more severe punishment

He will be back as like the rest before him he can’t resist!

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