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My Toilet slave

  • February 20, 2021

My Toilet boy arrived on time. with a nice fresh bunch of nettles. 😈
“I picked these nettles on my way here mistress they are for you”
Why thank you, I’ll be having plenty of fun with these 😈
Get yourself undressed.
Once he was naked I strap him on to the inversion table blindfolded, I tie his balls tight
Turning him upside down head between my thighs like a vice
Smell my arse slave enjoy the sweet scent
Using the nettles I rub them all over his balls he can’t move it’s impossible with my tight grip
Laughing I stand it upright and move to the front taking the blindfold off, I continue with the nettles on his balls
After 20 minutes I release him.
Get on the floor, and open your mouth as wide as you can
Straddled over his head I crouch down arse directly over his mouth.
I don’t want you to swallow or chew I want you to hold it between your teeth, for now.
Moving down his body now till I’m stood over his cock, I have more shit for you slave with that I shit all over his cock and order him to massage his sore cock and balls with it.
I want to watch you mix your spunk with my shit you filthy shitty potty.
Wow what a mess as he’s rubbing my soft shit all over himself enjoying every second of it
Do not chew that little piece! Keep it between your teeth!
Once he’d cum I allow it to finish off what he had in his mouth.
Kind aren’t I to save the best till last 😈😈

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