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My New Toilet

  • February 17, 2021
I love a willing toilet, eager to please his mistress. 

With my new toilet boy laid out on the floor head inside the toilet box hands cuffed to the sides .
Easing myself down to its mouth in my tight fitting jeans I order it to snuzzle it’s nose deep into my arse . 
Inhale the sweet aroma toilet boy it will soon be time for breakfast .
With that I stand legs either side of it ,I place my gloved hands over it’s nose and mouth , pinching it’s nose making sure he can’t breathe. Laughing as I do so .
I’m going to have fun with you boy ! Open your filthy mouth and catch my spit 
Watching my spit being swallowed was a great turn on for me especially when I know my toilet boys enjoying it .Plenty more of that , As I open the water bottle I take a mouthful swilling it around in my mouth as it looks up at me I order it again open wide . 
Drink ! 
I take off my jeans with just my panties on I sit on his face rubbing my arse all over it . 
I’m ready to serve you your breakfast . 
Stick your tongue up my arse and taste it ! 
Suck it out and eat it all , Which it does not leaving anything to waste . I like that . 
He will soon be back for more delicious delights 

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