Fantastic session with My female sub

  • July 13, 2020

had a fantastic two hour session with my female sub
she loves bondage, so best place for her is in my vacbed, fully restricted and encased in rubber
once she’d settled in I applied some latex shine into my hands and slowly massaged it into her body
all the while she’s inside moaning, it was obviously turning my slut on 😈😈
teasing her with each grasp of her very voluptuous breasts she gasps!!
with my other hand I rub her swollen pussy sliding a finger in now and then to get her juices flowing
are you coming for your mistress?
by the sounds coming from inside the vacbed she certainly was, she certainly knows how to squirt!!
moving my hands up to her neck I grip it tight!
then down to her very wet pussy, slapping it softly before I increase each one to a stinging slap! ahhh
back to her breasts and her very large nipples, twisting and pulling

ahh more mistress she begs

time for some rope play up the stairs girl and wait on bended knees.

upstairs I tie her arms behind her back into the dragon sleeve minimal movement, opening the tall standing cage, get in side.. she loves sensory deprivation you can put my new mask on before I start with the chains
chaining her inside the cage
more nipple torture, using a clamp I grip it onto her nipple and twist and pull
another organism all over the cage floor, you’ll enjoy cleaning that up once I’ve put you over my bench!
spanking her lightly before moving into the riding crop I crop her pussy in between her buttocks and the inside of her thighs
finishing her of one more time with a vibrator.
she leaves with eyes bright and rosy red cheeks, see you soon slut!

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