First Huddersfield session – a testimonial

  • May 17, 2022

Today i was honoured to be the first slave of MistressV to session at the new Huddersfield Chambers. Situated within easy reach of the city centre and with ample parking nearby, the premises were easily found following Mistress’ directions. As the first guest, and Mistress having only recently acquired the premises, i half-expected that the session would be limited in scope, but not so. Mistress still has some finishing touches to apply to complete the dungeon experience but the Chambers are comfortable with a spacious punishment room, separate medical room and a generous bathroom with shower. There’s also central heating – a boon for those cold and frosty mornings when previously it was impossible to tell whether one was in subspace shock or just bloody freezing. Muscle memory tells me that it was mostly subspace shock!

Mistress wasted no time in baptizing the Chamber. Blindfolded, the sensual tie (with soft red rope) and tease,quickly turned into some mean CBT involving a flogger, an egg topper and Mistress’ nails. Some gentle nipple caressing soon transformed into serious torture as Mistress tweaked and twisted what is for me a very sensitive and responsive part of my anatomy.

Strapped over the bench, a light flogging ensued, but my cheeks weren’t turning pink enough for Mistress, so the flogger was replaced with a barrage of well-placed smacks from Mistress’ fair hands, which quickly rebalanced the colour palette. The flogger returned, only to be replaced by the red single tail. i can vouch for the spaciousness of the Chamber as Mistress was able to swing with full force and no interruption to Her fluid movement. Next came the ‘Cat o’ Nine tails’ – definitely a deeper thunk and broader coverage than the red single, feeling more like a single broad tawse. Speaking of which, the next accessory employed was precisely that, a three tongued tawse that was incisive and sharp in its feel. Next i heard the swish as Mistress warmed up a cane and i really don’t like the cane; telling Mistress so,Mistress said ‘fine, if you don’t like it, we won’t do it’. Having told Mistress i wanted to push some boundaries today, i now felt like a real wimp and said ‘OK, let’s try 10’. After the 10, i said ‘let’s try another 10’. Then Mistress asked if i wanted to make it 30 – how do you say ‘no’ to your Domme? So 30 it was, but i was really counting those last 10! By now i had the old familiar trembles but with a welcome glow on – a much more comfortable feeling than in the old Chambers.

Standing again, Mistress unbound me, substituting the overall binding for one around my cvck and balls, ensuring that the tension was maintained. Waiting for Mistress to come from behind, the gasps as bucket nipple clamps were applied was audible! A search for a hood ensued but couldn’t be immediately found amongst Mistress’ toyboxes waiting to be unpacked, so one of Mistress worn nylons was employed whilst i cleaned Mistress’ shoes and feet, buckets dangling and clanking as they swung backwards and forwards with my movements. Rubber hood or nylon gently perfumed with Mistress’ scent. I know which I would prefer.

Removing the nipple clamps, it was back over the bench, this time for some fun with Mistress’ doxy and several different cvcks. i once harboured the ambition of being able to deal with Mistress’ BBC, but experience and my physical characteristics have caused me to re-evaluate that lofty ambition. Suffice to say, that in my case, size isn’t everything and an enjoyable experience was had as Mistress pounded and drilled me with a number of toys, including a knobbly one that misled you into thinking you’d taken it all, only for there to be further, larger knobs to accommodate.

Standing again, Mistress blindfolded me ‘for my own good’ was the words used. Wondering what was meant i heard a rustle and gasped as nipple clamps were applied, first to the right and then to the left. Removing the blindfold, i saw that instead of clamps, Mistress had lanced my nipples with needles – just as well i couldn’t see otherwise I’d have been on the floor. Gentle twisting and turning had me gasping as the very tender flesh was stretched from the inside.

My next task was to make myself comfortable on the floor in the toilet box while Mistress found a funnel for me to hold in my mouth. It’s the first time I’ve drunk Champagne through a filter funnel before, but it didn’t detract from the fine bouquet and had the advantage of not missing a drop.

Removing the needles, i was next positioned on the bench where the c&b binding was removed and replaced with e-stim loops. Power applied, my bruised and battered old man was swiftly dancing to the tune of the pulses, encouraged by Mistress judicious use of a pin wheel which only seemed to concentrate the pins and needle effect. This was further heightened when Mistress replaced the pin wheel with a long steel sound. Sliding it in and out acted as a conduit through which the pulses raced through the entire length, rather than being focussed on the loops. A shorter, knobbly sound was substituted for the long thin one and Mistress drove me wild as the implement was moved in and out. Turning away from me, i was honoured to be told to give Mistress a shoulder rub – as my thanks for all those strokes laid on me earlier. There’s nothing quite like giving a beautiful woman a shoulder massage while one’s cvck throbs as an e-stim unit pulses away!

All too soon our long session was coming to an end. Mistress had one last request to make. i stood patiently as Mistress unrolled a condom over my erect member and then urged me to make use of the condom to collect the explosive climax to yet another exhilarating session. Why is it that time seems to fly in the presence of a powerful beautiful Dominatrix?

So, going back to the first paragraph, you can see that despite having just opened the Chambers, there is absolutely no reduction in the care, dedication to satisfaction and overall experience that Mistress continues to deliver. Thank You Mistress, for giving me the honour of allowing me to serve You and to be the first to grace Your new Chambers

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