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My human toilet slave

  • July 31, 2022

My human toilet didn’t know how much i’d prepared the night before for its scat session this morning . With a knock at the door Inlet in in , all smiles and eager to please , straight down onto its knees yh worship my feet before I order it to the bathroom to get changed .

Returning back into the play room .I had already set the scene before it’s arrival , see through throne toilet bowl and cuffs attached to the legs of my throne   , get your fucking head in there now , cuffing it’s wrists it was ready , walking around this shit loving toilet , I sit on my throne and order it to open wide , wow I was impressed with the load that had just landed into its greedy mouth , chew it greedy guts , looking down at it , it’s mouth full.  I said chew before I pee into it .filling it’s mouth so it was over flowing it couldn’t eat and drink at the same time , I wasn’t bothered as i’d already got a plan for all the waste . Once it had eaten it’s main course I order it to get the bowl and drink all the shitty pee up then it had to lock the bowl clean , I was very happy at its efforts , so I rewarded it with a nylon bottom worship before it was ordered to clean it self up . See you soon greedy guts

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