Mistress farted in my face – a testimonial

  • June 3, 2022

well, it was my first visit to Yorkshire’s new premises knocked on the door Mistress V opened the door. Mistress showed me
around her new dungeon inc a fully working bathroom with a shower. then instructed to get my PVC maid dress on and wait till she called me to enter the room where was instructed to put my pink heels on and walk around the room then do a curtsey in front of Mistress who was dressed in stunning red PVC dress then ReWalk around again the. then was bent over the bench strapped down hands lock down the side my dress lifted up my around arse. then warmed up by hand then whipped the 5 strokes of the cane nice red stripes on checks then mistress slipped coupe weighted bucks to my balls the slipped strap on giving good roasting.

then released me then slipped into a steel cage where I was lock-in and billfold and sound headphones and gagged by Mistress tights then my hands were cuffed behind my back Mistress attached nipple clamps and tugged then dripped candle wax then she lifted the front dress, whipped my balls, and dripped wax on them. uncuffed and unlocked walked to ball crusher strapped in then whipped with bull Whipp then Mistress sat here chair did target practice on trapped cock and balls. Then released made on my back mouth open waiting to drink fresh warm juice. then clawed to the medical room where I was cuffed to the medical bench Mistress slipped long sound my down my shaft and moved up and down and wigged it ten attached e-stim to my balls and started zapping me slowing moving up and up then ran her pinwheel over my nipples and sack. next more c&b forced was ordered on the floor Mistress sat on my face with my legs trapping my arms down slapping and punching my balls and twisted my cock then icing on the Mistress farted in my face to remember her before my next visit.

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