Making My wrestling slave work in My garden

  • October 16, 2018

My wrestling Slave came to see Me yesterday morning

“Can we do something a little different today Miss?”

“Of course we can” I replied, “Go into the sissy room and I’ll follow you through.”

Looking through the wardrobe I picked a dress, fishnet tights and some crotch-less knickers.

“Put those on!! Call Me once you’re ready. I have something else you can wear with it. A little fur jacket would look lovely with your dress.”

Once he was dressed, I attached the e-stim to his cock and balls, setting it on squeeze mode. I knew when he bent down to pick the leaves up he was going to get a right shock!! I then put the shoulder length blonde wig on him to finish the look.

I went into the kitchen, ordering him through.

“Grab this and go and collect all the leaves!! If they aren’t all cleared up in 15 minutes there will be consequences!!”

Once back inside after he had picked every leaf up I decided to have a wrestling match with him.

“Strip off down to your knickers Slut!!”

I thought it would be a wicked match if I left the e-stim still attached to his accoutrements. Cruel, I know !

“Get into the main room and wait!”

I entered the room and pulled his knickers down so I could turn the e-stim power up! Just a touch!

Grabbing him from behind I put one arm around his neck, with my knee in his back. I got him onto the floor into the scissor hold.

“I submit mistress!!!”

The rest is history. Until next time, bitch!

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