Public Humiliation

Public Humiliation

  • November 3, 2020

I met my client in the local supermarket car park , he was let to believe we were about to go shopping 😂

Get into my car slave , back seat as there’s a bag with some items i’d like for you to try on .

Looking inside he looked nervous .
Get them on , we’re going for a drive into the country side .

In the passenger footwell was my estim , once i found a safe place to park up i order him to sit up in the front .

You need to be at my side slave , attaching my estim to his cock we set off

Sat nervously , i turn up the level of intensity , jumping he submits .
lowering it bk down .
i know a place just up the road , secluded and discreet .

Driving further up the country rd i see a lay-by , i pull in and order my slave out !
Take the estim with you , see you soon . Laughing i pretend to drive off.

Get back in you wimp !

Parking my car up at an old hotel .
There’s another surprise in my bag get it out !
Spreading the deep heat all over its cock and balls i tell him to wank his tiny shrimp ,.
How humiliating is it for you to be wanking as all the traffic goes by.

Next time i’ll be dropping him off and leaving him there , Now that would be hilarious 😂

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