The Second Visit

  • October 11, 2019

It’s my Subs second visit to domspace and have I got plans for him ! .
On his arrival we chat briefly as I don’t want to give away to much info as to how the sessions going to be
Once naked on his knees waiting for me to present myself I order him to his feet , I’m going to blindfold you and put you on my cross tightly restrained , I then put the ear muffs on so he can’t hear a thing or see a thing sensual deprivation, I love it !!
Once my subs on the cross I begin to whip him lightly every now again I would flick his nipples with my very sharp nails
Before flogging him again , from the sounds he’s making he’s enjoying every touch of my hand to the kiss of my whip , take that bitch , oh you can’t hear me haha
Keeping him there I plug in my violet wand teasing his cock and balls , slowly moving it up and down on his shaft he’s in ecstasy , as the electric currents flowing through his skin , once I’d finished his punishment when go into the medical room for some wax play , still blindfolded I lead him into the room , lie down .
I light a cigarette and also the candle at the same time , so he thinks it could be cigarette torture the not knowing is exciting for me as it is for my sub ,
I want you to hold this , I put the candle into his hands and he holds it as instructed , while he holds the candle I warm up a wax strip and I begin to wax his pubic area ! Ouch !! then the wax is poured on his freshly waxed body I’m loving every second of watching my sub suffer for his mistress
Going back into the main room , get on all fours Slave you can be my human seat , while I’m sat on you I’m going to finger your very tight arse hole stretching it so my butt plugs fit then your going over my bench to be fvcked with my big black rod .

Jealous so you should be ! Want to be my sub ? Get that session booked Mv

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