Hard Sports/Scat Testimonial

  • September 27, 2019

Thank You for today’s session. I came as a hard sports novice with considerable trepidation but also determination to undertake fully my task of eating you shit without waste. You kindly provide a light meal to ease my task and held my jaw so none could escape. After such an unexpectedly pleasant meal I am encouraged to ask for a “full English breakfast”.

The cross dressing and short sissy session that preceded the main event makes me wish to come for more training.

A Testimonial from S

  • September 8, 2019

I was lucky enough to visit Mistress V a few days ago for my 6th session with this incredible Mistress. To say that I was excited was a vast understatement, as our relationship has grown so have the intensity of the sessions. Mistress knows what I like and how to push my boundaries.

After getting undressed Mistress allowed me to help her into the new catsuit that I’d bought for her. Dressing your Mistress for a session is a pleasure that should not be missed, my anticipation of things to come was growing. Once Mistress was dressed, I had the honour of polishing her. She looked incredible before I started and when I’d finished, well I do not have the words to describe her magnificence.

After my last session Mistress had instructed me to get some anal plugs to stretch myself so that she would be able to use more of her toys on me. Mistress appreciated my efforts and was able to start fucking me quicker and harder than she has in the past. Being able to watch Mistress fuck me while strapped to her bench is an incredible feeling, thank heavens for those full-length mirrors.

I do really enjoy electro CBT and after being released from the bench I was instructed to enter the medical room and lie on the bed. Mistress then produced an electro sounding device and my eyes bulged. I couldn’t believe how far Mistress inserted it into me. The combination of electrics and sounding was out of this world!

Mistress attached a spiked cock ring and led me downstairs to her new torture chamber, it looks incredible. I was quickly locked in a cage with the cock ring still attached while Mistress teased my nipples and cock without once dropping eye contact. Her eyes are just bewitching and that continuous stare was just hypnotic.

Finally, Mistress put on her stunning thigh high leather boots and allowed me to worship them. Once I had done so to her satisfaction I was allowed to cum on then and, obviously, lick them thoroughly clean.

Mistress V is simply amazing, each session is just getting better and better! I can’t wait for my next visit again.

A Testimonial from B

  • August 27, 2019

In my humble opinion, as a submissive very humble, Mistress V is extraordinary. I’ve visited Her several times now and each session has built on the last to push my limits and take me into a deeper, more intense sub space than I could have imagined.

I relished every moment as She ordered me over Her whipping bench and fastened the restraints tightly. I was completely at Her mercy. Dressed in Her erotically charged black silk nuns costume, She selected an array of straps, floggers and tawses that I was to be punished with. And as She read my sentence to me I quickly slipped into a state of fear, submission and obedience that had my blood pulsing and my heart pounding. I felt intoxicated by an exquisite cocktail of terror and worship. How beautiful She looked. Her curves encased in black silk. I just wanted to kneel at Her feet, and kiss and worship Her bottom cheeks for the rest of eternity.

But the sentence of suffering had to be administered first, and She made me take so much! I really didn’t believe I could go that far and that deeply. But I did, and I felt I went way beyond my concept of sub space into state of submissive, masochistic, obedient ecstasy.

This feeling is still with me days afterwards.

I just read back my words and they seem woefully inadequate. Can I ever describe such feelings and emotions?

All I know is I long to return to the exquisite Mistress V, kneel obediently at Her feet, and humbly beg for more.

My first visit to Mistress V exceeded my expectations

  • August 19, 2019

To say my first visit to Mistress V exceeded my expectations would be a gross understatement. On arrival we had a very relaxed discussion of what I hoped to get out of our meeting and I hurriedly stripped off on her instructions eager for our session to begin. This lady knows what she is doing and does it with a wicked sense of humour and skill. She quickly cuffed me and tied up my cock and balls leaving me feeling wonderfully vulnerable. She then added some nipple clamps and weights which she quickly noticed was something that particularly excites me (more about this later) She lit her first cigarette which again she noticed had a throbbing effect on my cock and soon had me offering my mouth for use as her ash tray. Before her second cigarette she strapped an o ring gag on me to hold my mouth open. Now when she flicked ash into my mouth I was unable to swallow until she finished her cigarette and I had a mouth full of ash. This I was ordered to swallow when the gag was removed. I was then ordered to follow her into the toilet where she peed all over the seat for me to clean up but not before she smoked a third cigarette and sprinkled the ash into her pee. She was very demanding that I lick up every drop which I did greedily. At this point I thought the session was coming to an end but she led me into another room and had me lay on my back on a bench. I mentioned earlier how she had noticed the effect of the clamps on my nipples and having removed them she replaced them with some scissor clamps. As she twisted and pulled on them I could see the delight in her eyes and I couldn’t stop myself begging her to hurt me more. At that moment the pain was so exquisite I wanted to take it all to please her. The fire in her eyes got brighter as she then used her nails on my already tender nipples – heaven! Before I left we had a relaxed chat about future sessions which I know will involve a lot more pain for me which is what I want so that I can please her.

Mistress V is a very accomplished practitioner of the art of domination. Did I mention she looks stunningly sexy and is a very sensual smoker. This lady will take control of your mind and body and leave you with a huge smile on your face.

Testimonial from Danni

  • August 19, 2019

I have been looking for a suitable Mistress for a while who would indulge my fantasies of feminization and at some point in the future some form of force bi session. and after a lot of searching I came across Mistress V.

I booked a two hour session and was incredibly nervous when I arrived but Mistress put me at my ease and soon had me dressed in my schoolgirl outfit, suitably made up as a slut and prepared to be trained. I was taken further into the Mistress / sissy world than I had previously by being restrained made to suck Mistresses strap on and also introduced to anal play through fingers and butt plugs etc. Mistress also made me be a better sissy by making me walk like a girl before making me taste my pre cum and then using her electrical toys on me.
Mistress gave me everything I could have hoped for and has promised a full on force bi session in future which I will definitely be taking her up on.


  • July 16, 2019

Imagine yourself in Mistress V’s playroom with your wrists ‘cuffed behind your back and tight rope around your body (including your cock and balls). Mistress is prowling around you wearing a stunning black leather dress that had you almost salivating when you followed her up the stairs earlier. You can’t see her now though, nor can you see what she is doing, because the tight hood she has just pulled over your head is a very effective blindfold.

That was my privilege this morning. What came next was sensation play at its very best. Pleasure, followed by pain, then a mixture of the two. The pleasure was exquisite and intense, the pain, while not severe, certainly got my attention! A vibrator, floggers and Mistress’s cruel fingers were definitely involved, what else I still don’t know. The timing of each torment was perfectly judged, I was on edge the whole time.

Eventually, by now tied down on my back on a punishment bench, I was allowed to see but it meant pleasure and pain again. The pleasure was watching Mistress smoking a cigarette (which always excites me), the pain was cigarette torture on my balls.

All too soon it was time to return to the vanilla world, but Mistress had one final treat in store, a moment’s face sitting. A perfect end to a memorable session.

A Longer Meeting with Mistress V

  • July 5, 2019

At last, after a long delay, a second longer visit to Mistress V. I`d had a short visit some time ago when Mistress was in Her old premises. True, the old premises were a bit confined, but then again, I was there to serve a Mistress! Nevertheless, the new premises are a significant step-up. Easy to find, with off-road parking, and if you arrive early then skip up the road and park in the Wickes car park; you could even pop in to buy something, rope, sink plunger, let your imagination wander -:). Anyway, in the side door, up the “Stairway to Heaven” and into Mistress` domain. Mistress has done a great job; one room is a Sissy Room, one room a Medical Room, and one room a general bondage/CP-type room, plus kitchen and bathroom, so a fair bit of space really. I enjoyed two of the rooms, and actually used all three! Lots of “articles” about, shoes, photo`s and similar; it is Mistress` Domain! An added bonus is the large garden, essentially not overlooked; I spent a short time in the garden sucking Mistress` feet (better than gardening).
So, what did we get up to? Well, you`re going to have to use your imagination, but that`s not really important, is it ! I`ve been visiting Mistresses for a good 15 years or so, and I don`t need to state the obvious, it`s the Mistress who counts! Mistress V is a stable individual, good sense of humour, chatty with a smile, listens to you, watches you, responds to you and responds with you. She is comfortable to be with, easy to respect and importantly genuinely able to trust. If you are looking for a Mistress, a new Mistress, or you are just beginning, then Mistress V could be your ideal choice, a Mistress to bond with, to trust and to be led by. She will listen to you, She`ll push you, and you`ll be drawn into Her wonderful world. To discover your submission you need to take a journey; who will you take that journey with?
After my meeting today I shall certainly sleep well, and I`ve just had a look at my/Her marks, very nice, always good to have a momentum, thank You Mistress !

Testimonial from Peter

  • June 24, 2019

Arrived for two hour session to find Mistress V looking fabulous as usual.

After a quick chat I soon found myself attached to the spanking bench. Mistress proceeded to give me quite a hard hand spanking on my buttocks and upper thighs, which in itself was very enjoyable. As she was doing this she explained that she was giving me a particularly thorough warm up in order that she would be able to deliver some hard punishment without leaving any lasting marks. Being told this gave me both feelings of anticipation and slight apprehension. If the warm up was anything to go by , the more serious punishment would certainly be severe. Indeed it was, but of course I enjoyed every minute of it. To finish this part of the session Mistress gave me 30-40 hard cane strokes. On this occasion every stroke was sufficiently hard to challenge my limits, and at several points I only seemed able to continue with encouragement from Mistress.

After some quite intense nipple torture – a favourite session activity of mine – we moved into the medical room. Here a rubber mask was placed over my head. This restricted my breathing somewhat and severely reduced my field of vision. Next it was onto the bench where I was restrained with a belt and, whilst I could not really see what was going on, the sound of needles being taken from packets was unmistakable. Time to take a deep breath whilst anxiously wondering where the needles were going!

Mistress then proceeded to place the needles just under my skin in a row down the side of my abdomen. The first few felt quite intense as they were inserted but by the time the last few were being put in place the process had become quite enjoyable.

Next Mistress announced her intention to repeat the process, but on the other side with longer thicker gauge needles. I was concerned that this might prove to be too intense for me, and indeed the first few were very challenging. However as further needles were added I found myself falling more and more deeply into subspace. At my request Mistress removed the mask from my head before continuing to add more needles. By this stage all I could do was giggle and sigh loudly with pleasure. When Mistress finally stopped adding needles all I could say was ‘It feels like I am floating in a sea of endorphins’.

Overall this was an amazing experience.

Not long ago I though needle play looked quite scary. However I was keen to try it, and Mistress V gave me a gentle introduction. It still looks scary to me, but it is also become absolutely irresistible. It helps tremendously that Mistress v is such an enthusiastic and experienced practitioner of this type of play.

If the idea of taking the ‘express train’ to subspace appeals to you, I suggest you visit Mistress V for some needle play. When you do, please remind her to restock with needles for my next visit!

A Testimonial

  • June 23, 2019

It was a long-awaited visit that I was very much looking forward to.

I ascended the stair to Mistress’ lair. In a previous communication I mentioned nettles, silly me ha ha. After a brief chat I was taken into the main playroom and strapped to Mistress’s whipping bench. The deal was that after being punished with a leather strap, then a thinner one it was followed by a number of cane strokes I would be allowed to worship Mistress’s body. However after tenderising my behind the nettles were brought out to play. It was quite obvious that Mistress was enjoying herself. My bottom , cock and balls were on fire.

Next I was taken into another room whereupon Mistress laid on her table and allowed me to give her the worship that she deserved. Such fun, I was in heaven…..

Mistress then laid her pink body bag out and told me to wriggle into it. It was zipped up and then ropes were used to tightly restrain me. A gas mask was put on me with a bottle of Mistresses champagne connected to one side and another tube to provide me with some aroma. A terrific experience I can tell you. I was drifting off into subspace, mm yes. ☺️

After Mistress had had her fun with me she tied my cock and balls tightly and said that I must go home like that. Much later I asked permission to remove the binding. As I did so I could still feel the nettle stings.

Another wonderful session with Mistress V. I am already planning my next visit. 😍😍😘

A Testimonial from a grateful slave

  • June 13, 2019

I found Mistress V to be a breath of fresh air in the world of professional domination, even to the extent of enjoying things with her that I could never enjoy with anyone else. Take strap on for example. Before I met Mistress V, I never enjoyed anal play or strap on. It was a pain in the backside, and to me, not a nice pain. When Mistress V did strap on with me, we faced a large mirror so we could see each other. Being able to see Mistress’s beautiful face and look into each others’ eyes transformed this particular strap on play into one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was an incredible experience. So much so that I can’t wait for another strap on session with Mistress V.

I love humiliation and degradation, and bearing this in mind, Mistress V told me to fetch a sandwich from her fridge. I noticed it was a very high quality sandwich, as befits a superior Goddess. Mistress V chewed the sandwich then spat the chewed food onto a plate and made me eat it. She spat some onto the floor and made me eat that too. Eating food containing Mistress V’s saliva was a great honour for me and I would love to do that again.

Mistress then peed into a dog bowl and made me drink it (another great honour for me) then told me to lay on the floor while she peed into my mouth through her panties.

We then moved from the dungeon into the medical room where I was strapped down and Mistress stuffed her pee soaked panties into my mouth. My nipples were tortured with needles then Mistress attached her e-stim electrics to my cock and balls and sat her beautiful bottom onto my face to stop me breathing. This was an awesome experience. Mistress had total control of my breathing, yet I felt safe and relaxed while the electrics did their work.

As I said earlier, Mistress V is a breath of fresh air. She is everything you ever wanted in a Mistress and more. I’ve booked my next session already.

A Testimonial

  • June 12, 2019

Arriving at Mistress V’s chambers I was very apprehensive as it was to be my first scat eating session.

On arrival I was greeted at by Mistress at her glorious best. She was dressed in skimpy panties, stockings and a bra. The first thing she did was to order me to get undressed from my sissy clothes and to get into the toilet box as she was desperate for a shit.

Within seconds huge logs appeared which I was forced to eat – washed down with some of her golden nectar. Surprisingly I managed to keep it down. (I know I will back for more! ) It tasted sublime.

Mistress V took me into the medical room and fastened me into the body bag which was fastened with straps to the bench.

I was forced to wear a doubled tubed gas mask in order that I would be forced to breathe though the bubbler bottle which was filled with Mistress’s piss. At the same time Mistress soaked a cotton bud in poppers so I no choice to float into never never land.

When strapped down to the medical bench Mistress commenced to administer severe needle torture to my cock and balls. I have forgotten how many needles were put in my cock and balls – but it was over sixty. Needles were also put through my nipples – by god they hurt!

At the end of the session I was dressed waiting to go when Mistress reminded me that I had not drunk the contents of the bubbler bottle – cold piss.

Will I go back?

Already booked.

Slave Shiteater

A Testimonial from LM

  • June 12, 2019

Recently had 2nd very fulfilling (!) session with my lady, MLV, (work it out). When she opened the door her eyes popped: didn’t recognise the tart in a short black velvet dress, short cropped black hair with a wild red streak, black stockings and little ankle boots 2″ heel. Then recognition, smiles, kisses, tea and talk. I was fully made up so after tea straight to the dungeon, which I LOVE, so mysterious and so many devices to titillate imagination. MLV told me to remove my black lace knickers, she tied up my clitty cock in a chrome chain, told me to hitch up my dress, gave a welcome hard hand spank to warm me and took up a whip. I needed the popper mask so on it went and I went into a hazy heaven made for sensual sluts about to be beaten and fucked.

MLV did both. First the beating: whip, paddle, flogger and canes. I don’t recall how many strokes but my bum was well striped and red. One stripe is still in place 10 days later and 4 from my 1st (late March) session are still prominent. So I carry 5 stripes in pride.

Then straight to the arsehole. Goodie. I chose a small glass butt plug to open and relax the gate to heaven. My arse quickly needed something fatter and longer , which MLV put straight in to the end. then a fat black 8″ circumference butt plug which really opened the arsehole and enabled me to start puckering for a rosebud, although it didn’t quite make one. Then a 10″ long 7″ circ dildo which went in easily so that its balls pressured my rim. In and out: right out to help pull the innèr tube to develop a rosebud. The arse was staying nicely open and gave easy access to MLVs right fist and wrist. I love deep arse play so SO MUCH.

Pity we had to stop but MLV was ready to serve breakfast, so strip naked, onto the ready spread towel, MLV crouched over my head, puckering her arse and cunt holes, a few splashes of piss and then maybe 3- 4 firm/soft turds slid gently from her arse into my mouth and part over my face. I chewed away and tasted her chicken dinner of the night before. In training myself as a scatty sissy I have learned to taste the difference between chicken, beef, lamb and between carrots, potato and, so on. I ate the lot and realised that I could have eaten much more. What a scat sissy slut. I washed it down with a long hot stream of mild peeped. A couple of poo plops had landed on the towel. I ate them as MLV told me.

No cum. My cock really is a big clitty now and as such it is perfect for wayward husbands to practice on and if it turns them hard they can then shoot their loads into my hungry arse or mouth.

MLV told me that I am her greediest scat slut, an arsehole cumm bucket and had to receive several more stripes, I was still very high on poppers so was pleased to be beaten again. I love the mix of anticipation, the blow, the sear of pain, the ebb of the pain as poppers mop it up and make me crave for the next stroke or, as I now know, the next turd form a pouting arse rim. I know, too, that I could take several fucks in 1 session., MLV said she reckons I could take 10 , one after the other, no rubber please as I like the spunk.

MLV and I are to work towards a fist to elbow, pèrhaps beyond.

I wonder whether MLV would like to have me available to her slaves for them to use in everyway. I would like that.

A Testimonial from My Swedish sub – role playing Superman

  • May 28, 2019

Me getting captured by Mistress V

I was finally in Huddersfield to meet Mistress V and I felt so welcome from my first step into her lair. She’s so warm and personal that every bit of me being nervous went away. We had an agreement that I would dress like Superman and capture her. When I had captured her and was planning to go away with her to prison she took out her Kryptonite neckless and put on her Super Mistress boots in her chamber and surprised me. My powers got blocked and instead of me capturing her she captured me. Mistress V puts boots they blocking my superpowers on me and I’m completely in her hands.

She made me lick her Super Mistress boots and worship her beauty. After this she pus me in a body bag and she put needles in my nipples and cock. It was amazing and after this she put electrics on my clock and I felt so good and started to shiver with pleasure. When this was over she tied me up and whipped me so it felt like massage for my back and butt. She made me worship her marvellous breasts and body and more boot licking and more whipping in her whipping bench. Mistress V felt my boundaries and stretched them just to my limits she puts her dildo in me and I’m fucked by her.

She takes me to the electric bench again and my cock and balls are tied up. Giving me electrics and order me to massage my nipples I start to orgasm like a woman. I can’t come because my balls are tied up and the balls divided so I can just let go in the orgasms. It feels like I’m orgasming so time and room floats together. It’s so marvellous and good. After a lot of orgasms for me she unties my cook and balls and order me to use my hand to come while she treats my nipples. After a while I’m coming in a very very big ejaculation orgasm. I feel so good and relaxed when the body endorphins goes out in me.

I recommend everyone that wants a sensation in their life’s to visit the astonishing Mistress V.


A Testimonial

  • May 10, 2019

I arrived for the second time in a week at the chambers of Mistress V, such is her erotic enticement. She really is a marvel of great beauty in the flesh. “Do you like my outfit?” She asked looking stunning in bodysuit, leather gloves and coat.

I got changed into my attire of choice, red leather underpants and was ordered onto my knees. Then fixing me with those intoxicating blue eyes I was ordered to count out my tribute on the floor. After this mistress V teased and toyed with me, rubbing my leather posing pouch.

“Let’s see that fat cock of yours, boy” mistress teased playing with with her leather gloves. Go and lie on the medical bed. I did as instructed and lay on the bed for more teasing and then was ordered to carry mistress on the my back and be her horse. Then I was told to get on the spanking bench, and I was given ten firm whacks to the buttocks with mistress’s leather gloved palm. “Thank you my tigress, I whimpered with each stroke”.

I was then considered to be enjoying myself to much, so I was strapped to the St Andrew’s Cross, helpless mistress informed me, “naughty boys need their pants pulling down” and she pulled down my red leather jockstrap to my knees and flogged me with her leather gloves. “You like that don’t you, naughty boy?” To which I responded, “yes my goddess”, as my cock stiffened and pointed at mistress. Mistress continued to tease and whisper.

I was then untied and told to crawl on all fours to the medical room. Following this, I had to suck mistresses toes and body worship which, I will leave to your imagination. Finally, I was told to crawl back into the main room and get on the spanking bench where I was spanked by mistress, as i moaned and groaned in delight. I was ordered to rub myself on a towel, whilst being teased by mistress, looking into her eyes whilst I humped and gyrated myself in to an orgasmic frenzy!

Finally, I was able to tell mistress how much of a goddess she was. And we had a friendly chat before I was on my way. Suffice to say I will be back. Mistress V will have you eating out of her hand within minutes, as her website says. I for one, can’t wait for my next visit. She is gorgeous.

Testimonial from a slave

  • April 26, 2019

I asked Mistress V for a combination of very secure bondage, pain and humiliation and wow, did I get it!

To start with, I was attached to the whipping bench with copious amounts of cling film around my body and legs, rendering me unable to move. Mistress warmed me with her hand, followed by a flogger, easing me into subspace, then giving me a hard caning.

Mistress then took me with her strapon, verbally abusing me while giving me hard thrusts, leaving me in no doubt about who is in charge!

I was released from the bench and my wrists were attached to a hoist near the ceiling. Mistress ordered me to open my mouth, then brought her beautiful face right next to mine and spat into my mouth. She then attached pegs to my nipples and whipped them off with a bull whip. This was repeated several times, and Mistress spat into my mouth each time she attached the pegs. Mistress then whipped my chest and back quite hard. My cock was whipped too. I was deep in subspace and enjoyed every second of the whipping. Her spit is the sweetest nectar imaginable.

Mistress then attached her E-stim electrics to my cock and kept spitting into my mouth and verbally abusing me until the electrics brought me to the most powerful climax I’ve ever had.

Thank you Mistress V. I can’t wait to come back

slave x

A Testimonial from p

  • April 20, 2019

I first met Mistress V 2 years ago. Living in Nottingham, a session with Mistress V takes up around 6 – 8 hours including travelling time, but after my first session with her, I realised that for as long as Mistress V is a professional Mistress, I won’t session with anyone else. I used to session with different Mistresses, but Mistress V’s dedication to providing a supremely enjoyable session is second to none, and the best I’ve ever encountered. And a major benefit of having sessions with the same Mistress is that as you get to know each other, the sessions become even more refined and more enjoyable.

With impact play, Mistress V is always careful to ease me into subspace to maximise the enjoyment, although for anyone requesting more severe punishment, such as cold canings, judicial, etc., she is perfectly of delivering and enjoying it.

Mistress V has plenty of tools for nipple torture and CBT, including clamps, electrics, needles, etc., and being able to face her and admire her striking beauty while she tortures me is the most heavenly experience ever. Mistress V has the most exquisitely beautiful face and ravishingly sensual body. She moves in a provocatively seductive way that keeps me turned on, so I thoroughly enjoy the pain and crave more humiliation from her.

Mistress V is a real expert in needle play. She has given me a crown of thorns and covered my genitals in needles without leaving a single mark after the needles were removed. I love the glint in her sexy blue eyes as she pushes the needles in. Mistress V loves her vocation!

Mistress V always uses either a strapon on me or her electric fvcking machine – sometimes both – while telling me what a slut I am. As if I didn’t know 😉

I always ask Mistress V to trample me in her sharpest heels. She is able to walk on me causing just the right amount of pain, yet always safely.

Mistress V knows I love water sports, and often gives me a glass of her fresh pee to drink even before the session starts. So kind!

I never wanted to do Hard Sports before but I’ve come to want to do it for Mistress V. I’m not ready for it yet but she will know when I am. And this is one of the wonderful things about Mistress V: she knows exactly how much you can take that safewords are, in my experience, totally unnecessary with her.

If you want the finest, most perfect BDSM and fetish experience, have a session with the inimitable Mistress V

A Fabulous Session

  • April 10, 2019

On arrival Mistress V greeted me looking absolutely fabulous.

As this was to be my first ever two hour session, we had a chat regarding the sort of activities that might be included. In our previous two sessions Mistress had introduced me to needle play and I was very keen to try more. I had seen several creative ways of using needles on various Tweets that Mistress had posted. Some of these fascinated me, but I was not brave enough to tell Mistress what specifically was on my mind. Luckily Mistress seems capable of reading my mind!

The session started with some whip play. My experience with this sort of play is fairly limited and I found the bullwhip quite challenging. However it did leave some lovely marks. Among her collection Mistress also has a blue whip, which she used next. This was so enjoyable that I was disappointed when she put it down.

Next up was a lovely long period secured to the whipping bench whilst Mistress enthusiastically applied a variety of her implements to my back and buttocks. Mistress is very skilled at challenging my limits, continually increasing the intensity until she can see that I am starting to struggle with the pain, backing off for a few strokes, only to up the intensity again etc.

Following the impact play it was off to the medical room, where Mistress put a hood with blindfold over my head and proceeded to secure me to her medical bench with cling film. When she had finished I could only move my fingers, toes and head.

As I was drifting into subspace during the impact play, mistress had told me that she was going to give me a crown of thorns in my cock with the needles. This was quite already a scary prospect, but now, secured immobile the fear factor was escalating! I was only comfortable to continue because I trust Mistress one hundred percent not to let me come to any real harm.

Expecting the needle play to start at this point, it was with some relief to myself that Mistress instead proceeded to use a selection of sounds. This sort of play is quite intense and really interesting to experience, but not actually painful.

I then heard Mistress putting the sounds away and opening packets of needles. Time to take a deep breath and try and relax. Needles were then placed around the end my cock in a crown of thorns pattern. I was expecting this to be painful. No surprise there – it was! However once a couple of needles were in place I would have been terribly disappointed if Mistress had not completed the job. As part of this process a couple of needles were placed right in the tip of my cock. This was particularly painful and certainly stretched my limits. However, for reasons that I am unable to properly explain in a few words, it was also a really magical moment.

At one point when Mistress was placing the needles I thought ‘well that’s one ticked off my bucket list’ not to be repeated.

However when she had finished and removed my blindfold my first thoughts were:

OMG that’s amazing!

Is that really MY cock with all those needles in it?

Hope Mistress enjoyed doing that and will want to do it again in a future session.

At the start I had some reservations booking a longer two hour session, but I enjoyed every minute of it and think that it is likely to become my session length of choice.

If you think that you might be interested in any of the BDSM activities that Mistress V enjoys do not hesitate to visit her and let her turn you darkest desires in magical reality.

Testimonial from J

  • April 5, 2019

Hello Mistress Victoria. I am so happy that I chose to see you on Tuesday. My visit to you was on my mind for several days beforehand. It was very easy to find your address and I arrived quicker than expected.

My first impressions were good, a well appointed play area that was perfect. Meeting you in person made me realise that the pictures on the internet do not do you justice. Your eyes drew me further in to your web. I feel that you have been reeling me in for quite some time. Your website is excellent, with all necessary information readily to hand.

The cup of tea was just what I needed after quite a long journey in busy traffic. After establishing likes / dislikes and limits we were off to a flying start.

The gas mask with poppers was amazing. The rope bondage was brilliant. Your E-Stim box kept my attention beautifully.

Moving from room to room kept me guessing as to what was coming next. The Vac Bed was amazing; it was been something that I wished to try for a long time. The feeling as it finally enclosed my body in a fantastic body hug was quite the most exciting feeling that I had experienced in a long time.

Then you secured me to your spanking bench, where your use of the Tawse was exhilarating, wow !!

Laid on Mistress’ massage table I was treated to some more electric cbt, followed by some face sitting. Mistress then required some body worship, she laid on her massage table whereupon I was instructed to kiss and caress her, all over, clothed of course. Back to the bench for some anal fun, and it was !!

Then there was rustling sound, in a flash Mistress flipped a plastic bag over my head and secured it around my neck, thus sealing my head inside.

It was scary and exciting all at the same time. Soon I had used up the air in the bag; it stuck to my face. Mistress held it there for a little while longer and then released it.

At no time did I feel unsafe, Mistress is exceptionally good at her art. We finished by talking about the session. I was in seventh heaven at that moment.

It was a brilliant first meeting with Mistress-V. She really enjoys what she does and it shows. Although I think that next time Mistress might not be so gentle with me. 😉 I left wishing that I lived a little nearer…..

Thank you so much for everything. 😍😍

A Testimonial from a Sissy TV

  • March 26, 2019

Mistress V is a delight. Straightforward, perceptive, friendly, she had me sussed out by the time I got up her stairs: a sissy TV. Brief chat, chose my black velvet dress in a flash. Told me to piss into a glass which she kept for me. Made me up, discreetly, put on her strap on, told me to drink my piss, which I did with pleasure and got me sucking, nibbling deep throating the dildo to its roots. I had to tell her that a real cock is much better, and several in a morning are better still and that it is deliciously thrilling to tease out the spunk, swirl it around the mouth then swallow it.
As a real slut I was then treated as such, a long pegging, first the small teaser dildo, then the bigger, then her fist. We agreed that I need a yet bigger dildo.
That was followed by a slapping, a paddling, a leather strap and then a cane. Finally, my Lady branded my bum, four marks. I am glad to say that she marked me with good stripes which are still tingling and raised A FULL DAY LATER. Hurray.

Then the final test! On my back, mouth wide open and a rich flow of semi soft, easy chew, swallow scat. I ate it all and the bits that got away I smeared all over my face, chest, cock. Then she washed It down with a good long piss, most of it drunk.

My cock remained a proper little clit and wouldn’t come, even when bound in a blue satin ribbon.

That was my first time with scat other than my own. I had trained myself on my own shit and piss for near to two years and had tried to get a walk up prostitute to shit me, but she couldn’t so I searched on line and found My Lady. So good. I would love to be her sissy slut anal maid and suck and be fucked by all her clients: several in a day. Maybe My Lady will hold some small private parties but we would need a couple of fem scat whores: wicked wives best. Being girly I don’t like or do hairy bodies so, guys, cream and wax it all off before you get my attention

I took a lot of poppers which heightened the wicked sensations .

Try it all. Wonderful

Testimonial after a 4 hour session

  • March 23, 2019

I was visiting Mistress V for the first time so was somewhat nervous. Is she as beautiful in the flesh as her pictures on the website suggest? Yes, absolutely she is.

I was late owing to traffic problems. She was stern and reminded me how late I was and what that might result in when she had the whip out. But then she smiled and made me feel welcome and we sat down and talked about the session to come and what I had asked for. She had clearly read my emails and knew what I wanted and as it was the first time I had visited she just wanted to know what my limits were. I told here and asked her to push me further than I thought I was able to go with the CP while being sure to tell her that I was not an out and out masochist.

Then her manner changed and she instructed me to undresss and go to the whipping bench where she strapped me down firmly and reminded me that there would be no safe word. I was entirely in her hands from now on and only she would decide when to stop.

After warming me up with her hands and a flogger we proceeded to the strap, then a heavier strap, a tawse and finally a cane. Just when I felt I couldn’t take any more she stopped, told me to stand up, secured my arms to overhead wrist straps and proceeded to use a whip, expertly applied and again stopping at just the right moment.

Then she changed the whole tone of the session by making me up, dressing me in high heels and fur coat and I became – Sophia!

The rest of the session was fun as she showed me how to act as a real tart.

Domination, strict CP and fun and laughter all in one session. Just what I asked for. And I can still feel the cane and the strap when I sit down.

Will I go back? Of course I will and I am thinking about it already.

Now she knows how far to push me and a bit more perhaps….

Perfect. A lovely lady.

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