Making My personal slave do Hard Sports

  • January 5, 2022

Having discussed hard sports with my slave many times today was the day he really was going to eat my shit!! but first things first I must punish my slave for not losing the weight I’d asked him to lose I told him he was to get a 100 strokes of my cane but before that I needed to warm him up with a spanking before moving onto my flogger then my bull whip.
securing my slave to my bench I begin his punishment, swishing my flogger across his cheeks they start to redden, moving on with the bull whip lovely patterns, I lightly whip I don’t want to break skin I need to make sure there’s room for his stripes!!

Gagging my slave with a pair of sweaty socks into his mouth the strokes begin. Happy with my work I un-strap him, medical bench for you time for some nipple torture, I insert 4 in each nipple , once I’d removed the needles my slave must have forgotten about the hard sports and began to put his underpants on, What are you doing slave? I thought we’d finished mistress, not at all slave get over there, pointing to the bondage board and toilet box, cuffing his wrists to the board I begin weaving my rope making sure it’s nice and tight so he can’t move a muscle,I attach the estim an light a cigarette I hope your ready slave I can feel my poo making its way down Open wide! turning up the e-stim to high I let my poo fall into his mouth I’m going to feed you slave bite it.!!! He did has he was told with a struggle I burn his balls he opens his mouth wider to eat the rest.

My slave now knows that I will shit and make him eat every time we meet from now on, what better way to show your slave who’s boss 🤣🤣

Humiliating My slave

  • January 5, 2022

My slave arrives looking rather nervous I pat my chair encouraging him to sit down, let’s have a chat about the session.

After our pre-session chat my slave starts to relax, I order him to strip naked, my shoes need a good shine and you’re tongue is going to do the job licking my shoes heels and soles I’m a happy mistress with his efforts, on your feet slave I want you over my bench it’s time to stretch your arse using my fingers first to loosen him up, putting my smallest strap-on on, I walk to the front of the bench and order him to suck it, teasing him, this is going straight inside you once you’ve given it a good suck!! Laughing as I fuck his mouth. Back round to his hole I slide my cock in as he gasps I tell him the next size is ready, taking my strap-on out I insert the next one a long slim dildo he can’t quite take so I take him from the bench over to the fuck swing, hop on!

Cuffing his ankles once he’s inside the swing, my my slave you’ve stretched enough to take this pushing my long slender cock deep inside him he’s loving as I pump his hole swinging back and fourth until he can take no more, I release his ankles and order him on the floor, open your mouth slave I need a piss he does what he’s told and drinks every last drop without and spilling, you can stay there and pleasure yourself you will then swallow your own waste, sound as he’s told he swallows everything absolutely nothing wasted, well done you see you next month

Cruel Nun Role Play

  • January 5, 2022

Fantastic session with a sub I’ve not seen for over two years. Roleplay I absolutely love it no matter what character I’m playing, today I was to be a cruel nun who inflicts strict punishment!
Kneeling in front of me quivering as it places it’s costume in front of my feet I look down at it, look at me boy! I want you to put your clothes on, do you have the electric hair clippers ? with a nod of its head I order it to pass them to me.

Getting itself dressed in white frilly satin pants and a satin cami top before finishing off with a white over sized mans night gown.

Standing with my hands on my hips I inspect it from head to toe, time for a hair cut! I shave his whole head then order it over my bench, strapping it down tightly I move to the front of the bench and order it to kiss my brown leather strap, kiss it from the handle down boy before it kisses your butt cheeks, laughing out loud as I walk slowly around him, blank canvas now boy but not for long, before he can blink my strap makes contact with its skin, it jumps! “Count each and every stroke boy “!! 30 in total pulling its pants back over its now very red bottom, it’s time for you to put your frilly pink bonnet on and play with your pathetic cock, make sure you clean yourself up without the use of tissue! Pointing at its tongue, it was soon cumming into its white satin pants. Fantastic end to the session

Fantastic session with enforced hard sports included

  • January 1, 2022

Hard Sports Mistress

I’ve had many sessions with Mistress V. On several occasions I’ve discussed the idea of enforced hard sports with her and I asked her to spring it on me when I least expected it, and not to be allowed to back out. Scary stuff, for me anyway. Today was the day!

The session started with impact play, using a flogger to get me into subspace, something Mistress V excels at. Moving into the cane then the sjambok. Impact play with Mistress V is a wonderful experience. I used to hate caning but with Mistress V, I love it.

Then I was treated to foot worship and bottom worship. Mistress V has the most delectable derrière.

We then moved onto needle play, with needles being pushed through my nipples and into my cock. Being able to look at Mistress V’s exquisitely beautiful face while she sticks pins into me is one of life’s best possible experiences. By prior arrangement, Mistress V also scratched her initials onto my chest with a needle. Such an honour!

I’d booked a 2 hour session, and the 2 hours was up, so when Mistress V released me from the medical bench I assumed the session was over. Nope! Mistress ordered me to lay on the bodyboard next to the toilet box. I was scared. I knew what was going to happen but when Mistress V gives me an order, I’m totally powerless to resist. I was VERY firmly attached to the bodyboard with rope then Mistress V used me as her toilet, using a lighted cigarette on my balls to make me consume. It was a very difficult experience but I’d requested it. Bear in mind that if you ask Mistress V for enforced hard sports, it will be enforced! In fairness, she does make that crystal clear to you in advance. I now realise that being able to consume anything that has been inside Mistress V is an honour and a privilege. I feel genuinely owned now and I love it.

It will be obvious to you that with Mistress V, there’s no clock watching. You get what you pay for and more. You get a positively life enhancing experience. There’s no-one like her.

Needle Play Mistress

Fantastic day at the office!

  • December 20, 2021

Fantastic day at the office with lots of bum fun. My first of 3 clients for today arrived with a bag full of various sized butt plugs, as well as large plugs shaped cones he wanted me to stretch his hole as much as I possibly could, once naked and over my bench I begin with a well lubed hand to insert a finger one at a time stretching them out once inside, taunting him, how much can you take for mistress? sliding a dildo in he pushes his butt out for me to push it deeper, lubing up the smaller sized cone I remove the dildo and insert the cone I’m amazed at how much he can take, wow!!
Are you ready for the larger one ?” Yes mistress please fill my hole “ You don’t have to ask twice slave, preparing the larger cone I order him to sit on it I want to watch you fuck that cone id tied his balls previously with a leather lace his balls were a lovely shade of purple wank your cock at the same time, it wasn’t long before he was exploring into his hand, clean it up slave and I’ll see. you in the new year

Wiggle that bottom sissy!

  • December 17, 2021

Once my sissy was dressed and ready I call her to kneel in front of me, fixing her wig and lipstick I tap my cock on her lips, open your mouth i’m going to fill it with this shoving it inside suck it !! I want to make sure you can give it a good seeing to before I introduce you to the real thing, with plenty of other cock suckers waiting there turn you’d like that wouldn’t you ? She nods with excitement. Now stand on your feet, wiggle that bottom for me then i want you over my bench that arse of yours is begging to be fucked, strapon on I tease this bitches hole with a finger then two before sliding my cock inside, she gasps as I begin to thrust her she keeps in rhythm with my hips squeezing her balls as I go deeper and harder,take my cock, I own your sissy hole,it’s mine to use for my entertainment. she can take no more, I allow her a little pleasure with the estim she loves it. Session finished she’s not booked in next month to meet muncher, can’t wait !!

My New Sissy

  • December 11, 2021

My new sissy/ crosser dresser arrived a little earlier than planned it was a good job I had everything ready for my bitch.

Once naked she gets dressed into a black figure hugging dress (her own) black tights finishing it off with a long black and red wig which had soft waves running through it, once the wig was on I could tell how sexy she was going to look after I’d done her make up, applying the mascara evenly on both eyes I give them a couple of coats with the mascara brush they now look fuller and longer, then her eyebrows were brushed and eyebrow pencil applied, “wow once your lips are done you’re going to look beautiful candy. Seductive ruby red lips, perfect for cock suckers.”

Time for the chastity device to be fitted and shes ready to go over my bench, pulling her dress over her bottom and pulling her tights down I insert a small cock inside her man pussy making sure my strapon harness was tightly strapped around me I began to fuck my bitch.

Her bottom was very hairy, stopping fucking her I cover her arse cheeks in hair remover cream, “your hairy arse is ruining my view I like to see my cock while fucking you”, 5 minutes later and cheeks were hair free smooth as a baby’s bottom, now I can carry on. Riding her long and hard telling her I’m going to remove all hair from her except the hair on her head laughing I carry on with my strapon.

Fucked and tired I unstrap her from my bench, strip off I meant what I said, time to remove the hair.

Hairless I unlock the chastity device allowing her to fondle with her tiny cock if you cum you will be made to clean it up, catch it in your hand. Clean yourself up bitch, wrap up before you leave you’re bound to feel the cold more now 😂

My latest human toilet

  • December 8, 2021

Tapping the lid on my Costa cup I call my new human toilet up the stairs , sit at my feet slave you can tell me all about your toilet (scat) fantasy’s while I finish my coffee , you do know once i’ve had one of these it’s toilet time ? strip !

Laughing at him now as the realisation is settling in , you have read my blogs haven’t you ? once your strapped down onto my bondage board and throne there’s no going back . with that I order it onto the board securely strapping him down from the chest to his feet , wrists to my throne , sitting above it I look down I do hope your hungry as i’ve got lots of breakfast for you , open your mouth !

releasing my waste and watching him struggle to chew my load , take your time I say as I pee into his mouth now that should help you swallow the rest , he didn’t need telling again swallowing the lot . Better than any full English he said has he wiped his lips

A Session with one of My many Human Toilet slaves

  • December 3, 2021

Straddling over my human toilet I place my naked bottom onto my toilet throne and instruct it to open its dirty mouth, you are going to chew and swallow everything that is dispensed from me, the last time you were in this predicament you only managed a malteser sized turd, today however you’re going to eat everything! watching it through the rim of my throne I could see it mouth open eyes shut tight, hahaha catch that! Releasing my poo straight into its mouth, chew! I don’t want to see any left apart from what’s around your teeth peeing into its mouth instructing it to use my liquid as a mouth wash, gargle slave, happy once it had eaten and drunk everything I order it to wank itself off catching its cum and swallowing it, what a lovely breakfast slave, near enough a 3 course meal 💩💩

A Session with My Fur Fetish and Bottom Worship slave

  • December 1, 2021

Once entering my chambers my fur slave drops to his knees head bowed he whimpers “please may I worship your fur coat mistress?” No was his reply you can stay on your knees and worship my backside, lifting my coat to expose my emerald green lingerie and sheer seamed stockings, tapping my bottom I order it to worship, get your lips here pointing to one of my arse cheeks I push his head into my bottom “kiss it !”

Laughing at him as I rub my satin bottom all over his face, now worship my seams I want you to lick them from my heel to my thigh if I’m happy with your licking I may let you worship my coat, teasing him with the fur I let my coat fall over my bottom smothering his face, how beautifully soft is my coat and so warm.

Move to the front slave on your knees, doing so I wrap myself and my coat around him so he can’t move it’s not long before he falls to his knees begging if he can cum, only on the condition that you clean all your mess with your mouth no sooner were the words out of my mouth and he cum all over himself, Clean it up slave digging my heels into his leg, I wink at this dribbling wreck and order it to get dressed.

See you soon

Double slave forced bi session

  • November 29, 2021

Slave has been seeing Mistress V for over three years he trusts her so much that he is now ‘ a no limits slave ‘. He never knows what Mistress devious mind has come up for the session.

Slave has already been christened ‘ muncher ‘ by Mistress for reasons that will become clear.

The session

Shortly after I arrived another slave came up the stairs – this was a double slave, forced bi session.

The new sissy, Davina had brought sissy clothes with him . We were both made to put them on her a school girls outfit : me a pink fishnet body stocking.

Time for the action –

Sissies ordered to embrace each other and to begin french kissing and at the same time begin caressing each others cock and balls. After a short while it was time for some serious cock sucking.

Mistress then sat us both down on the bench, put wigs on us both and proceeded to give us a full makeup special. Both were made to fondle each others cocks.

We both made made to lean over the bench so that Mistress could inflict some very severe CP with the cane.

When Mistress decided we had suffered enough it was time for more cock sucking. Davina was then fastened to the fucking bench as by now Mistress had put on a huge strap on. Whilst she was being fucked she has to suck my cock until I came in her mouth.

I was then secured in Mistress’s new toilet box and forced drink her golden champagne and eat her gorgeous shit. ( Hence the name ‘ muncher ‘ )

Session over.

slave muncher

My Human Toilet slave

  • November 13, 2021

Fantastic session spent with a hard sports scat sub I’ve not seen for 5 years, once in my presence I order it to strip naked and kneel in front of me, fastening a collar I clip on the lead and tug it, lick my boots slave! it cleans my soles and sucks on my heels loving every second I push my heel further into its mouth,suck it properly or you’ll be punished. Looking down at this drooling mess at my feet, I tug on the lead again, on your feet! and over my bench, strapping it down I begin to lightly flog this blank canvas buttock cheeks in the air as my whips whistle through the air before making contact, crack! not wanting any marks I’m careful how hard I administer it.

Unstrapping it I order it over to my medical bench for some electro fun before the toilet training begins, it absolutely loves the e-stim and sounds, that’s enough of that slave it’s time for some breakfast,once my slaves in position I place my bottom on the toilet seat and look down and it’s frighted face, I can’t help but laugh 😂 open your mouth I’m ready to serve your breakfast, one little push and it was in its mouth, placing a gloved hand over its mouth I order it to chew and swallow before my champagnes dispensed, enjoy slave x

male or TV needed for forced bi session – Friday 5th Nov 2021

  • November 3, 2021

This Friday – 5th Nov 2021 at 11am – I require a male or a TV to participate in a forced bi session. You will be sucking My male sub’s cock and fvcking him.

To reduce the likelihood of timewasters, there is a £50 fee payable in advance.

Contact Me for details. The £50 fee must be paid at the time of booking.

My new toilet throne

  • October 24, 2021

My bitch arrived at the time agreed ruck sack in hand, what it didn’t know is I have a new toilet a clear toilet my throne, before any of the toilet training I dress my bitch in a blue glittery figure hugging dress long sleeves with a v shaped cut out across the chest, easy access for my needles and nipple clamps, I do love nipple torture the expressions on my bitches face is a perfect picture when I insert them.

I gag my bitch with a pair of my warm panties, using duct tape around the mouth and around its head.

Ordering my bitch over my bench I strap it down, back, thighs and shins before I begin it’s punishment with my bull whip I choose such an implement for this bitch to realise i’m the boss and when I want a shit i’ll use it’s mouth as and when with the slightest bit of fuss from it! Once it’s backside was glowing I using my junior cane, very thin and whippy 10 hard strokes, Placing 4 cocks (dildos ) on the bench I order it to suck the one it would like up its arse it chooses the smallest, after giving it a good sucking I insert it, take that cock you filthy shit eating bitch.

Pounding it’s hole until it can take no more, i strapping it I order it under my throne cuffing it’s wrists to the legs, face positioned perfectly under me, mouth gag in, I hope your ready for my piss and shit bitch because it’s on its way to the back of your throat, enjoying watching it struggle as it tries to swallow 🤣🤣🤣 I end the session by sewing my bitches cock closed for the journey home on the train, see you next month muncher

A session with My wrestling slave

  • October 18, 2021

After Picking my slave up from a local train station I find some where secluded for it to get undressed and into something more appropriate, a red bikini it then puts its own clothes back on ready for the journey to my chambers.

We arrive at the chambers where I have another outfit for it to wear handing it over I order it to the bathroom , it has to change into an all in one black shiny body stocking with a hood,while I slip into my wrestling outfit, ordering it out of the toilet and over to my feet we begin our wrestling match it’s quite funny as it always comes with new moves to show me and it always fails miserably you can’t beat mistress! she also has some excellent moves, for the grand finale I attach my e-stim turning it on to a very high level I get submission after submission fantastic not every day you get to wrestle with electrics attached, it can never win

Sensually Sadistic, Beautifully Cruel

  • September 30, 2021

My sub arrived excited as usual for his 2 hours of sensually cruel domination, naked I order him to my bench, get your arse over there and spread those legs, leather mittens on each hand, fastened onto the bench I begin to strap him down,tight!

Lightly spanking his arse cheeks warming him up, his skin changes to a light pink before I begin with his flogging swishing it in the air before it makes contact after a while I move on to my single tail bull whip as my sub loves to feel each thrash crashing down on his buttocks, moaning in ecstasy with every stroke. Now and again id pause rubbing my hands over his skin feeling the heat from his flesh gently cupping his balls in the palm of my hand and gently squeezing them before continuing with the whip. Happy with the delightful patterns criss crossed over his naked body pleased me immensely.

Time for the cane my favourite implement 50 hard strokes and he was deep into subspace keeping him there I begin to lube his man pussy getting it nice and wet for my dildo to penetrate his hole stretching it so I could pop my electro anal egg inside him switching it on “Mmm that’s nice” glad you like it because it’s going to stay inside you now through out the rest of the session, we then move over to the medical bench, Lay down , it’s time for some electrics and sounds, i’m going to enjoy watching you squirm when I switch them on attaching my e-stim to his cock I use an electro sound inserting it I I turn all the electrics on, Wow he’s never had anything like it before, all those electrical sensations up the bum and in and around his cock, setting them to levels he could handle I pierce a nipple and turn the estim up a notch, before I could insert another needle he’d cum everywhere, I do love a happy ending 😈

It’s only good for chastity

  • September 22, 2021

With my bitch boys arrival we have our pre-session chat ordering it to strip before I give it a through examination all over its pathetic naked body.

What is that? teeny tiny thing you call a cock, laughing as I get my tweezers using them to pinch its piece of skin lifting it to get a better view, what are you meant to do with that? Showing my bitch the chastity cage I unlock it, Get your pathetic cock in there it deserves to be locked away until I decide to release it 😈 it’s of no use to anybody, I couldn’t help but giggle as I locked the padlock then placing the key inside my bra I order it to its knees lick my shoes before I put you over my knee you better make them shine ✨ licking every inch of my shoes I tease it’s caged cock with my vibrator get over my bench bitch-boy, once strapped down I carry on with the vibrator, moaning like a bitch I threaten it with my black strapon, control your cock bitch-boy if you cum I’m going to whip you I love to whip a bitch into shape haha.

Using my flogger I lightly flog its arse before moving onto the whip, you need something else to concentrate on bitch, swish swish my whip comes down crack lovely red markings begin to appear before releasing it I stroke its balls then squeezing them tight I tell it to get on the floor, uncaging it’s tiny cock I order it to relieve itself, It didn’t take long before it was exploding into its hand as I stood over its face pantieless 😈😈 Clean yourself up bitch-boy 😈

My sissy trainee

  • September 15, 2021

My cock sucking trainee arrived very nervous, avoiding eye contact I order it to sit, “Tell me slut are you are anal virgin?” replying with a nod. Not for long.Passing my new slut her outfit I order her to strip.

She looks sexy with her long legs encased in some fishnet tights red basque, wig and high heels, finishing her off with bright red lipstick, Perfect now put your shoes on and show me how gracious you can look while walking in them.

Teaching her how to walk like a slut was easy she soon pulled it off, walking around my chambers curtsying every now and then. Lining all my cocks on the floor I tell her to lie on her stomach and crawl to the first cock she’d like to be fucked with, Crawling over to the smallest she begins to suck it without touching it with her hands I then tell her to move onto the next size doing as she’s told she picks the black cock, Suck it slut!!

She’s soon over my bench taking the cock she first picked enjoying every motion taking it deeper and deeper, You’ll be in front of that fuck machine soon begging for it to fuck you.

I unstrap her leading her to the machine, Look at that cock your going to get on your knees and take that cock before I allow you any kind of worship be it shoe foot or arse, I want to watch you being fucked 😈😈 having never experienced any of these delights she was in ecstasy riding it what ever speed I set it to, I was impressed!! Clean yourself up slut it’s time for some cbt fun up you get! I want you over there on that bench pointing to the medical bench, using the bungee ropes I bind her down then attaching the e-stim setting it to throb and my did it’s cock dance until it could hold it no more he was soon cumming, he will soon be cumming again for more training

New Client – Total Power Exchange

  • September 10, 2021

My new client requested total power exchange for his extended session he wanted to test his pain levels, fantastic! I absolutely love to be in total control.

Blindfolding him I then put the ear defenders on him, clicking my fingers he didn’t flinch, guiding him over the spanking bench I warm him up with a light flogging swishing the thin leather strips across his bare bottom before I use the cat-o-nine tail whip increasing the level of pain, he can’t hear or see he doesn’t know what to expect next.

With the bull whip I create some nice patterns across his back and bottom, now deep in subspace I use my thin cane 25 strokes in total, perfect stripes deep red lines accurately applied I know his arse hurts. Moving an ear defender I tell him you’re going to get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before, sliding my black cock inside him he begins to push his arse back onto my cock fuck me harder please I begin to thrust harder much harder, take it slave every bit of it I’m going to use all my cock on you, fucking him until he can take no more I release him from the bench, stand where you are.

I begin to use my rope on him from the chest down he can’t move gagging him I pull the clamp up on the penis pillory pulling his cock and balls through and begin to screw it down watching his cock and balls go purple as I tighten the clamp flogging his cock bottom and back while clamped was great fun, I then take him from the pillory over to the medical bench for some cock and ball torture using my estim I set it to squeeze on a low level before increasing it he can’t help but cum he was happy with his efforts, especially the impact play feeling his welted bottom before cleaning himself up, he’s rebooked his next session already, see you in 3 weeks slave

My new sissy

  • September 3, 2021

My new sissy arrived full of excitement for her two hour session,after our chat I tell her to change into the outfit that she had brought a long with her, red fishnet body stocking red waist clincher red high heels finishing it off with red gloves she looked perfect for cock sucking. I tease her telling her how she could make me lots of money in the red light district, she seems to like the thought of it, but first I want to test your sucking skills, putting on my biggest strapon I tell her to crawl over to me and suck my cock!! she’s soon on her knees cock in mouth.

It’s been a while she whispers haha keep sucking its rude to speak with your mouth full 😂 She loved having me fuck her mouth, soon she was over the fucking bench strapped down tightly,I tell her if her mouth can take that big black cock so can her arse, giggling she raises her arse in the air begging me to slide my cock inside her, nice and slow to begin with building a rhythm together she’s in her glory as I pound her until she can take no more, Your arse needs a rest so put it back in your mouth until I tell you to stop! sucking and licking, I was very impressed with her efforts, I then order her over to the medical bench time for some cock torture attaching the estim around her cock she’s never had electrics before and absolutely loves it, nearing the end of the session I let her have a reward for her efforts she could to worship my body from head to toe before finishing herself off. Another fantastic session

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